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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 10, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. how about some great videos from the web? we've got them "right this minute." hotel security cameras capture a scene that looks like it's -- >> out of some sort of cop drama. >> see why real cops want to find the bad guys with the guns. altitude. >> imagine trying to save a climber from -- >> a sheer granite cliff about 500 feet tall. >> how a skilled team pulled off one high angle miracle. >> wildlife rescuers feed a young cub. >> they found days ago on a gravel road. >> the story behind operation care bear. a bride and groom decide to -- >> to create something great
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gatsby-ish. >> the save the date video with a mind-blowing backdrop. >> that cost a dime. >> or two. >> this is surveillance video from the roosevelt motor inn from on march 31st. police got a call there was a person with a gun but when they got there they couldn't find the person that made the call, couldn't find the shooter and couldn't find a victim. they took a look at this surveillance video. see these two guys walking through the hallways. look at the other end of the hall. there's another person. you can tell right away a gun. they took a shot with the girl standing in the hallway. shot right past her. >> they run through the hallways, stairwells looking like they're trying to get away from the shooter. when they get down to what looks like the bottom floor that's the guy that fired off the shot way at the end of the hall. watch this scene looks like something out of a cop drama. around the corner starts firing. debris from the bullets everywherep. a woman trying to get out of harm's way. those guys we saw they have a
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gun too. the guy in the dark clothing and long hair he gets down in like a cop stance here, has his gun aimed at the corner. >> this is a gun battle in a hotel full of people. >> right. his buddy hid behind the other hallway there. look at that. saw that other guy take his gun around the corner and fire. >> the guy falls on his butt almost instantly. a chance that guy actually was hit. >> you could be right. police have no idea if either of these guys were injured because they didn't stay behind at the scene. the first guy with the gun takes off through the lobby. see him stuffing the gun in his jacket and running out. >> wow. >> how horrifying. >> freeze frame shots on the guy with the long hair and the guy with the hat. the first guy with the gun because they're looking for the public's help to identify both guys. >> selfish disregard for anybody that was in this motor inn. they are at the lower index. over here straight ahead, not the high one. >> the rescue team is out there
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looking for an injured climber. you can see pretty rugged territory out there. the climber was scaling a wall called the index which is a sheer granite cliff about 500 feet tall when he fell and broke his ankle. kind of hard to get yourself out of a situation like that without the help of the county search and rescue team. bunch of volunteers i may head as well. >> they're waving. over here at 2:00. >> 2:00. >> okay. >> they initially spot the location of the climber, figure out where he is and determine how are we going to help this guy out. >> we're not able to get in there, we can climb up to him with the gear we have. >> spotting the guy in this area is a tough task in itself. >> yeah. i'm wondering where is he? can you point it out? >> i would love to but i can't see him either. i don't know where he is. he's down there somewhere. >> we're going to go ahead and land and off-road some of our equipment. >> ground team to stabilize the guy and figure out the only way
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to get the guy to safety is package him up and airlift him out. >> from that angle look at that fall. oh. >> and you can see he was climbing, that thing straight up and down vertical. >> the climber did have a buddy with him. he repelled down with the rescue team to safety. ♪ >> dash cam video from the patrol car of corporal brian benfield of the utcarolina hasing a suspected drunk driver and a possible wanted fugitive. he's at this point run through several traffic lights and stop signs. another trooper had tried to pull the man over, but he didn't o obey the driver, 44-year-old travis gary knight. you see the truck knight is driving coming toward the patrol car. at this point banfield has to make a decision and that is -- >> right here he is.
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>> to ram his own patrol car into the truck forcing it to stop. >> the officer was trying to prevent this guy from driving into oncoming traffic and threw himself in the way. >> those were his intentions. >> was the corporal severely hurt after he did this? >> the corporal only suffered minor injuries. knight was caught after he tried to run off on foot. he was taken into custody, taken to the hospital for a broken arm, but has now been charged with driving under the influence, driving without a license, failure to stop for a blue lights, having an open container in the vehicle and apparently also been charged as a fugitive from justice. >> wow. okay. well, that's a rap sheet. >> solid list. tough cuteness for you guys to behold. we start in virginia at the wildlife center of virginia number 14-0224, that is
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the number they gave the bear cub they found just days ago on a gravel road. they started looking around, couldn't find mom, couldn't find a bear den nearby. they took the baby in and you're seeing one of the interns, yes, this is the intern's job. he's just a cub but look at the claws on this thing. they're huge. >> that's what i was going to say. don't need to ask this person what they were doing at work today because they're the ones full of scratches. >> and the bear was hungry because i feel like the cub would eat that bottle if given the chance. >> not only does the cub get fed but introduced to another bear cub that is at the wildlife center. they take another bear out and both put on a stuffed animal bear and it's time for introduckions. >> poor orphans. at least they have each other. >> and the wildlife center to take care of them. >> i said i had a bunch of cub cuteness. what would we be without the kruger national park. we're talking about six lion cubs. at least six that i was able to count. >> apparently somebody has to
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tell these kids not to play in the street. >> i like how one adult is away, the rest of the adults sleeping, causes a traffic jam. the cutest traffic jam i've seen in quite some time. >> i wonder why they sleep on the road. >> warm and dry. >> cuteness all around when you have cubs, bear or lions. here's the before and here's the after. your guess, i bet you avalanche. what went down that sent the snow rolling? >> and see how dude's green thumb gets him caught red-handed. >> sees a couple plants he likes picks up a couple and puts them in the back of his truck. think he's done? oh, no.
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guys, i want to start out by showing you the first frame of this video out of norway. there it is right there. then i want to show you the last frame from the exact same location and tell you how we got there. there's the last frame. your guess, i bet you avalanche. >> avalanche. >> but in a controlled avalanche. you've got a guy's work place down here that is in danger of lots of snow. the guy's work place does have a 50-foot concrete wall that p protects against avalanches and landslides. they get everybody out of the area, place the explosions and blow stuff up. you see the three big explosions up there and here comes the snow
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rolling down. grows and grows and grows. now it comes over that body of water right at these guys with the camera. look at that looks like an explosion went off. >> hard to imagine the power behind this because y in oh, it's snow and looks so airy, almost cloud-like, it's hard to wrap your brain around how much force all that snow is. >> no major damages. when the stuff gets close to the guy's camera, almost looks like vapor. it's not rolling down snow that's going to take out trees and stuff like that. fortunately the guy's business wasn't destroyed. >> i like at one point you hear what the guy says. >> ay, ay, ay. >> this first up with from venezuela. they've had two months of unrest but the person who posted this video saying, this could be anybody's mother and she should
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be our heroine. she's standing up to officials. watch what they do to her when she gets in their face. pepper sprayed her. she's dropped to the ground. she doesn't stop. she still goes back after them. >> wagging her finger at these guys' faces. >> these protests have been going on two months. 39 people on both sides have died and they're basically protesting over high crime rates, food shortages and growing inflation. >> i'm glad they didn't do more to this woman because we have seen other videos where they physically attack anybody that gets in the way that's protesting. in this case they did pepper spray her, but they don't seem to take it further than that. >> you're right. we go to the heel. the saint tam mini parish sheriff's office is looking for this guy. sees a couple plants he likes and picks up a couple and puts them in the back of the truck. they say in order to hide his
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little crime he moved the plants around, kind of redecorated to make them not realize that some plants are missing. wait. you think he's done? oh, no. he goes to the other side of the entrance island and takes more plants. authorities say they believe that this guy may have taken plants from another nearby subdivision entrance. >> what's lame he's taking them, plants that small aren't that expensive. you can get them for like five or six bucks at the store. >> it's not a necessity, not like he's stealing food to feed his family. he's stealing decorative plants. >> a new development in fishing boat technology, believe it or not. take a look at what we're riding on here. the boat called the tiberon nx 2. you might notice they're cruising very, very close to the shoreline here. watch how close they get. >> that's -- >> if you know anything about
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boats you get that close to the shore you're stranded, stuck, forget about it. >> hydroplaning or something? >> kind of. that's the beauty of this new boat. it was created and designed by an aerospace engineer. he worked on scram jet technology on airplanes years ago and took some of the same technology and applied it to boats using the hull to create a channel of water. the boat directs water to the middle channel underneath this hull and a large swell. the propeller of the motor rides above the surface of the water and propels the beoat through te swell the hull is creating for is tfl, making this boat capable of blasting through about two inches of water. >> brilliant. >> takes the water and pushes it under the boat. >> kind of magnifies what little bit of water it collects. watch this video here. this gives you a real good idea of what this boat can do and not get stuck. see it cruising around out there
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and then watch this guy. he steps over and stands in the water right where the boat just went through. >> oh. >> ankle deep? wow. that's cool. >> that is -- i'm not kidding that is really brilliant. it's going to allow people to go anywhere really. >> future self-y taking drones. >> check that out. >> is it real? see it next "right this minute." >> and still to come -- >> kids are asked about their favorite soccer players but little do they know, daniel sturridge. >> was about to surprise these kids. surprise of a lifetime. >> how this big-time stricker pulls a fast one that leaves them speechless. >> plus, see what happens when some curious chimps get ahold of a gopro. >> let's just say there was some monkey business. >> nice. >> like making out with one of these things.
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whether you like it or not a big part of sports, professional sports nowadays, is the celebration. the biggest sport in the uk is soccer. international soccer is huge. daniel sturridge, a stricker for liverpool and plays for the england national team. every time he scores he does this weird dance. like a weird dance. like this, like this kind of. >> but it looks cool. >> like his version of tebowing. >> in this video he's going to go into infield junior school. he has a camera set up talking to these little guys and gals about who their favorite players are. >> he names daniel sturridge. >> check this out. one of the kids starts doing the dance. >> that's huge. >> daniel is about to surprise these kids.
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a surprise of a lifetime. these kids lose it. some of them are speechless. watch this kid. they're all talking about daniel, his celebration, how they like his cool dance, and then all of a sudden daniel shows up right behind them. >> that's cool. >> must blow these kids' minds. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> the kids are like -- >> oh. >> it is a total shock. >> 8. >> i'm 7. >> can't even remember how old he is. surprised daniel walks in. like they're auditioning. he has great conversations with these kids. seems like a go ahead guy. and also helps them out with their dance moves . straightener frightens cat. ♪
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the chimpanzee sanctuary northwest provides rest and a life of freedom for chimpanzees used in medical research. when the gopro started rolling let's just say there was some monkey business. ♪ that is jamie. jamie is 37 years old. >> whoa. >> yeah. jamie has been living at the sanctuary for a few years. she's fascinated. using that finger to poke and find out what is that. >> i love this behavior because it gives you a sense of how smart chimpanzees are, how deck truss they are. >> roxie is my favorite, she's 38 years old.
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they say she likes her troll dolls. she stops, like wait a minute. let me check out what's in the steel box. takes the doll out of her mouth and starts investigating. >> they talk to each other. >> feel like you're being watched right now. i get this creepy feeling. >> she does more than jamie. like i have to taste it. we get a look at her mouth. >> nice. >> like making out with one of these things. >> you can see her teeth and tongue and everything. after she's done playing with it, the troll goes back in her mouth and she walks away. >> like a binky. >> they saw all the females were used to test hepatitis vaccines so they've been living at the sanctuary since 2008. >> coming soon, an "i do." >> from the get go you can tell it's going to be a very fancy affair. >> see the save the date that
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puts all others to shame. >> i want to go to this wedding. [father]c'mon,buddy,you can do it.c'mon,reel it up, you gotta reel it up now,buddy. reel it up. [father] reel it up,you got him on there.bring him in. is that a bass? [boy] yeah,i got a big bass. [father]bring it up.keep reeling.keep reeling.c'mon, where is he? whoa! you caught that all by yourself? [boy] yeah! [father]how old are you to catch that? [boy]three! [father]you're three years old? show me how many fingers that is.
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ingredients for life. ever feel bad you might not have no musical talent, jealous of people who can play instruments so well. close your eyes and listen to this. ♪ sounds pretty good, right? that's the flute maker and open your eyes because this is what he is playing. he made that out of pvc pipe. >> oh. >> he can play pvc pipe better than we can probably play anything. >> he made himself a pvc pipe saxophone. >> he calls it his home made saxophone base clarinet. i'm picturing parents out there who have had to shell out a lot of money to buy their kids
9:26 am
instruments for school band. >> we're going to home depot. you want an instrument? where's the pvc pipe? >> we're going to plumbing. >> goose excited to see snow. ♪ >> there are those regular normal save the dates for weds and then this one. ♪ from the get go you can tell
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it's going to be a very fancy affair. bambo and janice, both very successful attorneys in san francisco. >> i hope they're really successful because i hope they had money leftover for like food. >> this does look incredibly lavish. they hired a production company called major diamond productions to put this together. apparently their idea was to create something great gatsby-ish. fancy cars. a helicopter. >> did the helicopter take off? if it took off -- it did. that costs a dime. >> or two. >> gets a gorgeous view of san francisco while up on there. then finally gets to the venue, looking at the ring he's going to give his lady. she's all made up and ready to go. then they hit the plug. ♪ >> i want to go to this wedding. >> going to be an open bar. >> like people and everything else. >> we reached out to the production company and they told
9:28 am
us they're good people. from some reports i've read seems they may actually have a low-key, intimate wedding. >> this is a lot better than an e-vite. >> that's our show. we're going to leave you with a hit music video moving up the charts it's "the man." ♪ tell everybody i'm the man i'm the man i'm the man ♪ ♪ girl you can tell everybody yeah, you can tell everybody ♪ ♪ tell everybody i'm the man i'm the man i'm the man ♪ ♪ yes, i am yes, i am
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have great videos and the stories behind them coming your way "right this minute." >> clothes are flying off the rack in a click fight at forever 21. >> check out this move by the girl on the ground. >> why things are about to get real nasty. that was like a wwe move right there. >> that's good. >> cradle. >> some guys try to coax a creature from a chimney. >> that's not working. >> what had everybody freaking out. >> cops say there's a reason this woman looks a little unsteady. >> had a blood alcohol l


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